Case Study: Viking Tool and Engineering

Whitehall, Michigan

Viking Tool was originally founded in 1954. Since that time, they have been known for their longevity, stability, progressive thinking, and honesty as a company. Their market experience includes furniture, automotive, marine, RV, toy, consumer goods, and electrical – to name a few.

A good start is important at Viking Tool. Their engineering staff is capable of product design, project management, tooling concepts, and troubleshooting. Every step of the way is completed in 3D CAD. Their design capabilities range from very basic to complex.


Viking Tool and Engineering designs, engineers, and builds tools, dies, and molds appropriate for virtually every kind of material. Since 3D CAD is used every step of the way, the speed and integrity of their network has to be fast and secure. Even with new computers, they were having trouble sending their 3D drawings and files back and forth within the company. Then, when they tried to send out over the internet, it was painfully slow.


Viking contacted their IT Company, Star Logic Solutions. We looked at the problem and recommended an upgrade from their existing cabling to a certified Category 6 structured cabling system. Then, we recommended a third party Fiber Optic Broadband service for their internet access.

Rick Seaver, President of Viking, says, “The speed of our internal network has dramatically increased, productivity is up, and our internet access is great. Star Logic Solutions did a great job of getting us up to speed.”

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