Telephone Systems, Traditional + VoIP

Telephone Systems - Traditional and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-Unified Communications

Telecommunications has been the backbone of business communications for well over 100 years. Star Logic Solutions has been selling, installing, and maintaining telephone systems in the West Michigan area for over 25 years. We handle projects from a few users to several hundred. We have seen it all. Our team is trained and experienced with Traditional and Voice-over Internet Protocol platforms. In addition, we have partner relationships with the vendors we represent. So, we always have the manufacturers' backing, training, and tech support. We will sit down with you and determine the telecommunications system that is right for your business.

Just as important are what circuits you will use to communicate over. Traditional systems use Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTS) and VoIP systems use broadband circuits like T-1s, DSL, Fiber, PRI, etc. We know the exact combination of telephone system and circuits that work best in your area and for your business. No more finger pointing. We handle it all. Give us a call. We can help.

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